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Print Media Advertising Will Still Remain Relevant in 2019

With so many people pushing their campaigns online, it is easy to believe that the good old print media is headed to the grave. While it’s foolhardy to boldly claim that the Internet hasn’t affected print media in any way, it would be equally pointless to deny the fact that despite the competition, print advertising still has space in the recent marketing arena.

Custom promotional items will still play a crucial role in disseminating information for as long as people are out there on the streets, and that’s the truth.

No One Spends All Their Time on Their Phone or PC

Even though most of our information sources are now softcopy, we still step out of the house every now and then. This means that there will always be those few minutes when our eyes will be darting over surfaces in public areas like malls or roadsides.

Any marketer who capitalises on such placements for their promotional material will steal reap impressive ROI since the Internet isn’t going to stop people from reading billboards or glancing at a branded business van. People will still step out and gather information from their immediate environments. Ensuring that your ad is there before their eyes could have a huge impact on your brand’s visibility and penetration.

Print Media Will Have to Be Catchy and Brief

As most print media will be relegated to quick glance displays, advertisers will have no option but to deliver only the information that matters in the quickest way possible. It will mostly be all about creating mass awareness about a brand or an upcoming product as opposed to giving consumers full details.

It will be up to the consumer to do the next move after seeing the ad to find more details about the promotion. This is why it’s important for such materials to include a website or social media platform.

Print Media Will Still Command Respect


According to recent studies, people trust print media more than any other form of advertising. There’s something novel about the effort a marketer puts into creating their print material. Many experts believe that our minds are geared to identify more with physical advertising efforts that show who went a step further — meaning, printing physical ads and placing them in strategic locations.

Moreover, there is some trust that rides on the fact that since the ad is on a trustworthy space — a billboard by the main road or on a skyscraper in town, the name behind the ad is more legitimate. This is contrary to the weight online advertorials presented on websites, whose credibility we cannot verify, carry.

Yes, many people will still count on the web to get their facts and the tiny details they consume. However, print media ads placed strategically will still influence what people read when they go online or how much they would trust supplementary adverts they find online. This means that you don’t have to think of print media as a relic of the past. Not in 2019, and not any time soon.

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