What is a CSCS Bricklayer Card?

Get Ting a CSCS Bricklayer card is only for those who have earned it through experience and certification, according to the video. Those who have just entered the field would not be eligible right away for this card. The CSCS Bricklayer card is given to those individuals who have a level 2 construction NVQ in various trades that are associated with teh construction industry.

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When you pass this, you will be given this card with your photo on it, so that no one can steal your card and pass it off as their own.

This card lets employers know that you have a level of skills and knowledge to complete certain job requirements on construction sites. Having this card can help you get promotions and better paying jobs over time to advance your career in this industry.

Whatever your trade may be in the construction area, this card outlines the fact that you have the skillset and can meet all requirements that are necessary. If you are an experienced tradesworker in construction and have a niche that you work in regularly, then you need to get your CSCS Bricklayer card to have on your person and listed on your resume. Contact Think Construction Skills today to get more information on getting this card and showcasing your trade for potential employers in the near future.

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