NPO During Unprecedented Times: Challenges Facing the Nonprofit Sector Mid-pandemic

Nonprofit organizations remain relevant despite us facing the new normal. Some of them are thriving better than other organizations since their goals and objectives are deemed relevant during the crisis. But for other nonprofits, their difficulties only tripled as everyone’s priorities shifted during the pandemic.

The global recession proved just how tricky it can be to run a nonprofit. As some donors themselves were met with difficulties during the crisis, nonprofits are left with no choice but to thread the pandemic with care. They do this all the while trying to empathize with their donors, and while taking into consideration the health and safety of everyone, among many others.

But these are not the only challenges facing nonprofits in the middle of the crisis. The following list summarizes four common hurdles nonprofits have to face when navigating the new normal.

Asking for Funding

These trying times rendered millions of people jobless. Some were laid off while others have no choice but to sacrifice their job in exchange for their health. Others lost their business or customers and are also facing financial issues at the moment.

The health and safety protocols also gave nonprofits no choice but to cancel fundraising events. They can no longer invite donors, and volunteers to come together just to support their organization. Thankfully, nonprofits can explore other strategies to keep and attract more donors.

Most nonprofits start by raising funds on crowdfunding platforms. Know that there are other alternative sites to GoFundMe that nonprofits can explore. Raising online awareness and opening an account for your organization in different fundraising sites increases your chances of gaining more donations for the organization.

Other nonprofits made the decision to hold virtual fundraising events. This way, they can seek donations from their old donors and other consumers who are passionate in helping these organizations achieve their goals. They are accepting donations through digital fund transfers for the convenience of donors.

The same goes for optimizing a nonprofit’s online brand awareness. Like regular businesses, nonprofits can no longer ignore the power that online branding can offer. Improving your nonprofit’s presence online can help you raise awareness and gain new donors in the process.

It also helps to diversify your organization’s income stream. If you only rely on donors, government grants, and the few sales you are making out of your old products, you will find it tricky to address funding issues. Consider exploring other ways you can make income for your nonprofit to gain more funds.

Keeping Volunteers and Staff Safe during the Crisis

Volunteers and staff come in all walks of life. But since the Covid-19 virus does not discriminate, many volunteers are too scared for their own health that they skipped numerous hours of volunteer work. Others want to continue volunteering but certain medical conditions are stopping them from being physically there for the organization.

Your staffs and volunteers’ health and safety are always a priority during the crisis. As the leader, owner, or manager, it is your job to impose policies to boost the health and safety of each one. Failure to do this can lead to a high staff and volunteer turnover rate.

For some nonprofits, the best way to do this is to allow your staff to enjoy flexible working hours. They know that some of their employees are also parents whose kids are now learning remotely and whose loved ones may require their care. It also makes sense to allow staffs who belong to high-risk groups to work remotely instead.


Everyone’s mental health is affected during the crisis. Your employees may not show it, but they could already be feeling anxious, depressed, or even burned out. It is crucial that you remind everyone to take better care of themselves both physically and mentally through better self-care.

Promote self-care practices among your staff, volunteers, and donors. Remind them that these trying times require everyone to take physical and mental health more seriously. Encourage them to find emotional support and to talk to the pros if their daily lives are starting to suffer.

Adopting the Right Technology

With more consumers spending more time online, nonprofits can’t help but take their organization online. This enables them to boost their reach, increase engagements, improve their chances of attaining organizational goals. But taking an organization online also meant embracing the right technology.

Many nonprofit organization owners and managers are clueless as to what technology to invest in. They have a vague idea of what tools and software to use to boost their reach, optimize their website, and get found on online searches. They resort to hiring a local company instead of hiring an in-house staff to take care of their digital branding.

These are but three challenges many nonprofits are facing in the middle of the pandemic. They are having a hard keeping retaining their people, acquiring enough funding, and adopting the right technologies. Although difficult, nonprofits continue to face all odds by trekking the pandemic using the best ways they can. They know that the last thing they want is to discontinue their operations knowing they haven’t exhausted every option available to keep their organization alive.

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